About Us
Wayne Whitaker President of SNAG
The SNAG flying group should have a very good year again in 2016, what with the cost of gas being about the lowest seen in years
and the consistent support of all the members for the fly-ins.  This year the schedules are a bit different based on the dates for the National and the early start at Shade Tree.  We will be starting off with Shade Tree at the end of February, then the 1-3 April pre-Sun and Fun event at Cannon Creek, followed by a Rome Ga event hosted by Jon Bird on 13-15 May.  The National Fly-in 19-25 June in New Mexico is a long way away from the usual SNAG territory, but will be worth the trip.  Im sure there will be quite a few SNAG members going so make some plans to fly with a wingman and go.  After that, there is Oshkosh, not really a SNAG event, but still quite an airshow. We are looking for a site for a Labor Day event somewhere around the middle of our geographical area, so please think about this we have
some time to prepare.  The last event will be in Apalachicola, Fl around the beginning of November and will be hosted by Blake Fleming and
myself.  Fixed dates, hotels, and such will be announced as we go forward and will be listed in the website and the newsletter. I hope to have the events throughout the year and next with the members in Texas, Arkansas and west coming east and the eastern contingent heading west to try to balance the travels, but still
being close enough to attract a good turnout.  Louisiana, Mississippi, western Tennessee are all prime targets, although this is simply an idea.  If you want to act as host wherever it may be, please contact me or Steve Ware and we will work it up.
I would like to thank Sue Holmes for continuing to act as newsletter editor and treasurer, as well as Rusty Herrington for his continued efforts on the website.
Without these folks and everyone else who puts in time and effort currently and those who did it before, the SNAG reputation for a friendly, safe and fun organization would not be possible.  A big Type Certificate A-782 Thank you!
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