ANS Annual Convention

American Navion Society Annual Convention Report


SNAG was well represented again this year at the ANS annual convention held at Ruidoso.  Those of you who could not get there were missed, and everyone enjoyed a great time again this year.  Our hosts at Sierra Blanca Regional Airport worked all week to ensure we felt welcome and had an enjoyable experience.  The air is dry and the scenery is beautiful.


This year's convention began on Sunday but some of us arrived on Saturday to relax and look around. Our flying activities began on Tuesday morning.


Sunday evening we had our welcoming pizza party.  The All Out Speed Event was held Tuesday, and the Efficiency Contest was combined with the Proficiency Contest and held Friday.  Evenings were filled with social gatherings and fellowship among members. On Wednesday we toured the area including Fort Stanton and Lincoln New Mexico, home of Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War.  Our members also visited White Sands National Monument, Spencer Theater, and the Hubbard Museum of Western History.


Congratulations to SNAG members participating in the flying competition events at the 2016 ANS Annual Convention at Ruidoso, New Mexico.  Our combined efforts resulted in SNAG winning the ANS Challenge Cup for our 12th consecutive year!


Winners in the flying events are:


ALL OUT SPEED EVENT                 Chapter                                  Speed (from flying start to flying finish)


300 HP

1st       Rusty Herrington                   SNAG                                     197.37 MPH     

2nd      Greg Young                          SNAG                                      190.54 MPH

            Bruce Herrington                   SNAG                                     183.30 MPH

            Rob Beaty                             SNAG                                     176.24 MPH

285 HP

1st       Rick Mills                               SNAG                                     185.19 MPH

2nd      Jeff Davis                               SNAG                                     184.93 MPH

            Bobby Herrington                   SNAG                                     184.43 MPH

            Lee Holmes                           SNAG                                      170.24 MPH

260 HP

           Dick McSpadden                    SNAG                                     184.80 MPH 

225 HP

1st       Ike Wiley                              SNAG                                       176.36 MPH




Rusty Herrington                               SNAG                                     197.37 MPH


EFFICIENCY CONTEST                                                              Score (High wins)


1st        Rusty Herrington                   SNAG                                     60.26

2nd       Bruce Herrington                   SNAG                                     60.07

3rd       Greg Young                           SNAG                                     57.31

            Ike Wiley                              SNAG                                     56.89

            Bobby Herrington                  SNAG                                     55.56

            Dick McSpadden                  SNAG                                     55.31

            Mike Polley                            IV                                           54.53

            Robert Gaines                       SNAG                                      51.70

           Paul Thomas                                                                          43.90

           Rick Mills                             SNAG                                       43.01

           Alan Snowie                        Northwest                                  42.25

           Dave Desmon                       Northwest                                 21.46        


PROFICIENCY CONTEST                                                         Score (Low wins)


1st       Rick Mills                              SNAG                                        130

2nd      Paul Thomas                                                                            163

3rd      Dick McSpadden                   SNAG                                        340

           Greg Young                           SNAG                                       385

            Alan Snowie                        Northwest                                    483

           Bruce Herrington                      SNAG                                      903

           Ike Wiley                              SNAG                                        1070

           Bobby Herrington                     SNAG                                     1920

          Rusty Herrington                        SNAG                                    2025 

          Mike Polley                            IV                                              3375 

           Dave Desmon                         Northwest                                 5045

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