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The Southwest Navion Air Group originated in 1971 as the Southwest Navioneers.  Over time the members began referring to themselves as the Southwest Navion Air Group and thus SNAG was born.  Many years later a lot of our members were living in the Southeast region of the United States and thus the name was changed to Southern Navion Air Group to better represent our geography.
In general, our goal is to get together, have fun, share information and fly with Navion owners and those who genuinely love Navions.

We accomplish this goal primarily through regularly scheduled SNAG "Fly-Ins" throughout the year, and publishing a monthly SNAG Newsletter. The fly-ins routinely begin with arrival on Friday followed by a casual evening social. Saturday's (weather permitting) begin with the traditional "Dawn Patrol" of Navions and flying events such as spot landing competitions, balloon busting and flour bombing.

Sometimes, there are maintenance seminars or a general safety briefing dealing with a specific "this happened to me". There are always plenty of Navions for folks to observe several upgrades, various paint schemes, nose art or just admire an original North American Navion design.

Our fly-ins are scheduled at locations which provide extracurricular activities for those, often spouses, who want to take in the local sites, and sometimes we all go. Children are welcome at our events!

Saturday evening usually boasts a casual dinner/awards ceremony (accompanied by tall tales, Navion experiences, planned upgrades and of course - braggers rights). Most attendees plan to be wheels in the well on Sunday by noon.

If you are not a member and you would like to learn more about Navions or perhaps you are considering purchasing one but you're not quite convinced, you are encouraged to attend one of our fly-ins. Our members will make you feel welcome, probably give you a demo flight, and answer any questions you may have concerning the Navion.
Every year at the American Navion Society annual convention a trophy is awarded to the regional chapter that accumulates the most points in the three flying competition events held there.  During the early years the competition was dominated by the IV Navion Club, but during the last two decades SNAG has won the trophy and carried it home.
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