ANS Annual Convention

American Navion Society Annual Convention Report 2023


SNAG was well represented again last year at the ANS annual convention held at Branson, Missouri.  Those of you who could not get there were sorely missed.  Everyone enjoyed a great time again this year.  The flying contests were dominated by SNAG again this year.  The weather was good for all of the flying events..  The Speed contest was held Tuesday morning.  The Efficiency was flown Thursday, and Proficiency on Friday. 


This year's convention began on Sunday with arrivals and a pizza party held at Branson West Airport.  Some arrived on Saturday to relax and look around, and by Saturday evening we already had 10 Navions tied down at KFWB. We toured the Branson area including meals at Paula Dean's restaurant, Dolly Pardon's Stampede, and The Branson Belle show boat.  Silver Dollar City is a really good theme park and central attraction at the Branson area.  Wanda and I spent a day there with our family.  "Zip Line" rides and Fantastic Caverns are among the many attractions we enjoyed.


Congratulations to SNAG members participating in the flying competition events at the 2023 ANS Annual Convention.  Our combined efforts resulted in SNAG winning the ANS Challenge Cup for our 18th consecutive year!  Former SNAG President Mitch Midyet attended this year and is very proud of our performance.


Winners in the flying events are:


ALL OUT SPEED EVENT                Chapter                                  Speed (from standing start to flying finish)


310 HP 


1st        Mike Kading                        IV                                          194.66 MPH

             James Herrington                  SNAG                                    184.05 MPH


300 HP


1st      Alan Judy                              SNAG                                      186.85 MPH

2nd     Kevin Domingue                    SNAG                                     184.30 MPH

           Greg Young                          SNAG                                      180.24 MPH

           Joe Balzer                             SNAG                                      179.16 MPH

           Lee Holmes                           SNAG                                     174.76 MPH


285 HP

1st       Rick Mills                           Midwest                                    178.60MPH

           Jason Woodside                  Northeast                                  176.59 MPH





Robert Gaines                                  SNAG                                    


EFFICIENCY CONTEST                                                              Score (High wins)


1st        Alan Judy                              SNAG                                     67.61

2nd       Jeff Davis                               SNAG                                     60.30

3rd        Greg Young                           SNAG                                     60.06

             Lee Holmes                            SNAG                                     58.41

            Rick Mills                               Midwest                                   56.84

            Joe Balzer                               SNAG                                     56.39

            Mark Seward                         Northwest                                53.90

            Mike Kading                           IV                                           50.59                




1st      Mike Kading                            IV                                            52

2nd     Alan Judy                                SNAG                                     71

3rd     Lee Holmes                             SNAG                                     150

          Eric Rice                               Midwest                                  180

          Rick Mills                                Midwest                                   360

          Paul Thomas                            Midwest                                   370

          Jeff Davis                                 SNAG                                     435

          Greg Young                             SNAG                                     600

          Joe Balzer                                SNAG                                     845

          Richard Bihler                          Midwest                                 4563