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                                                                                            BY-LAWS OF THE SOUTHERN NAVION AIR GROUP

                                                                                                                ADOPTED OCTOBER 27, 2007

Article 1. The official name of the organization is the SOUTHERN NAVION AIR GROUP. The acronym SNAG is often used to identify the group.

Article 2. The purpose of the organization is to promote the Navion aircraft and aid the members in flying and maintaining their Navions as well as to provide a structure for social functions of the group.

Article 3. Elected officers are the President and Vice-President. The term of office will be two years. Elections are held at the fall fly-in of odd numbered years. The Secretary- Treasurer is appointed by the president and may concurrently hold the office of Vice President.
Article 4. The President shall be responsible for insuring that a monthly newsletter is published and mailed to all members. The President may appoint a volunteer as Newsletter Editor/Publisher.

Article 5. Several SNAG sponsored fly-in events are held each year. The President is responsible for soliciting volunteers to choose locations, serve as hosts and to organize the events. The first of these fly-ins is normally head in late February of early March. The second is normally held at Cannon Creed Airpark at Lake City, Florida the weekend immediately before the Sun 'n Fly-In at Lakeland. The third and fourth fly-ins are normally held on the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. The final fly-in is held in October or early November.

Article 6. The official colors of SNAG are red, white and blue. The original colors of yellow and black were chosen during the term of Bob Allen, WWII P-38 and B-25 pilot and will continue to be honored.

Article 7. The official emblem of SNAG is the Southwest Thunderbird. The emblem is used on jackets, emblazoned on member's airplanes and other appropriate locations.

Article 8. Annual dues are currently fixed at $20.00 per year and are payable between November 1st and March 1st. The amount may be changed only by majority vote of members present at the fall fly-in.