How to pay with Zelle:

1. Download the Zelle App directly to your smart phone.
2. "Set up Zelle" on your smart phone will guide you through that process. (You must use the App through your smart phone, not a PC or laptop.) If your bank is using Zelle, the App set-up will have you ID it and tie it to your account during set-up.
3. Set up SNAG as a payee in your Zelle app after you download it. You will need the following information to "manually add a payee": Our routing number is 064000017 and the account number is 0050976702 and the bank's recognized mailing address is: 11811 Longfellow Cir, Shreveport, LA 71106-9384

How to pay with PayPal:

1. Either download the PayPal app to your smart device or register on their web site at from any smart device, laptop or PC using your browser.

2. Select the "send money" icon and type in our new group email address: or you can try our user name, then type in the amount you are paying plus one ($1) dollar for the PayPal fee. Please use "Add a note" to identify the purpose of your payment such as Shadetree gas or dues.

You can mail dues to Wanda Herrington at 660 Snoopy Lane, Portal, GA 30450-4802